Our Fruit infused wines can be used all sorts of fun ways!

Make it a Spritzer!

turn any of these deliciously fun wines into a spritzer by adding any carbonated water, club soda or any mild flavored carbonated water. 

Wine Cocktail anyone?

make the perfect wine cocktail by mixing 3-4 oz one of our fruit infused wines with 1-1.5 oz of your favorite vodka, rum, gin or tequila and then any carbonated water or club soda over ice. 

Instant Sangria!

Make an instant sangria by just adding your fruits of choice to any one of our fruit infused wines. For a larger amount we recommend taking two full 750ml fruit infused wine and adding in any 750ml bottle of our dry red or white wines. 

Champagne and Wine Cocktail?!

Step 1 Pour 2 oz. of any of our red or white wine of your choice in a cocktail mixer with five cubes of ice.
Step 2 Add 4 oz. of champagne to the mixer.
Step 3 Swirl the mixer gently to ensure the wine and champagne mix but that the champagne doesn't get overly fizzy.
Step 4 Strain the drink into a champagne flute, and serve with a fruit garnish.

Wine Slushy of course!

Place ice in a blender; add any of our fruit infused wines. Blend mixture until ice is evenly chopped and mixture is slushie-consistency, adding more ice if desired. For some extra fun, add 1oz of our Grand Finale Ice wine. 

Oh yeah, Adult Popsicles!

having over some friends or just wanna have some all to yourself? Fun and easy to do; take any ice cube tray and fill them with any of our fruit infused wines. Put in freezer and wait 30 minutes and then add toothpicks in the center of each cube. Wait at lease another 30 minutes and now you have some adult popsicles. Share and enjoy!

Our Mulled Holiday Wine

Perfect for the Holidays!

Crock pots are perfect for warming up this incredible tasting wine made just for the holidays! Add a cinnamon stick, Apple and orange slices when mulling to add some more fun holiday flavor!